Facebook recently reached out to commission a large mural for their ATLANTA office.  After a initial meeting with their team and a studio brainstorm session I worked up a sketch which incorporated a number of my characters and the 8 letters that comprise their name.  2 Weeks later the project was complete.  

They will be transforming this area into an outdoor putting green where their team and clients can catch some fresh air and clear their minds while playing a few rounds of golf with Larry Loudmouf and Friends. 

Video by Andrew Litten / ABV AGENCY



For the past 5 years we have been traveling down south from Atlanta to Miami for one of the largest art fairs in the USA.  Seems like just yesterday we teamed up with a few friends from the OVERTHROW collective to start an event called, BASEL CASTLE.  Fast forward 4 years we are just a few weeks away to BASEL CASTLE 4 at a new larger location in downtown Miami, GRAND CENTRAL PARK.  We are extremely excited for this special addition as we have a number of new artists both Musically and Visually we are joining forces with.  With Visuals from artists from across the globe and music that covers all genre's this is an event you don't want to miss.  The ABV studio has been non-stop over the past few weeks working on all the new ART INSTALLATIONS that will debut at the event. Looking forward to catching up in MIAMI!  See you there..

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