Thanks to everyone who came thru the Miami, FL installment of POPSTARS and COKEHEADS at Butter Gallery.  Special thanks to Paco and Rick at and the amazing crew at the gallery.  It was a blast to get in there and paint the walls, arch and exterior of the building. Check some photos from outside here.

We met some really genuine folks and I will be back to Miami for Art Basel December for sure.  If you haven't been to Miami for Basel make sure you take the trip as it's one of the best weeks of work in the world.  I'm looking forward to heading down when the weather is cool to put some more work in on the exterior of Butter.

Below are a few photos of the gallery and the opening.  I just received a nice amount of video footage that we will be releasing online shortly.  Thanks again to all who came through the doors and picked up new work for their collections.  

Until next time Miami!