Yesterday the steel framework for the 2ND floor loft of our new gallery / studio space arrived.  When the flatbed truck pulled up the first thing the driver asked was "where's your forklift?  You know we put all this on here with a crane and a forklift right?."  After seeing the steel stairs and massive I-beams we thought it wasn't going to be possible, not to mentioned the driver said he had to be off to North Carolina and back to New York by the morning. 

We called in the troops and threw on our gloves.

3 hours later and a little mental strength we managed to make it happen.

These stairs are massive.  Those steel I-beams are no joke.  I thought for sure someone was loosing a arm or leg getting this thing off the flat bed. 

The plans for putting this killer together (side view):

By Monday we should have some photos of the final product.