Last Tuesday we rented a 6' x 12' U-haul trailer and loaded up the artwork for the show. I've never done the ATL to CALI drive before and I must admit it wasn't a quick trip.  Without the ipod, redbulls and chappelle show dvd's we wouldn't have made it.

The first night we reached Arkansas and caught some shut eye at a random hotel. We woke up to nasty thunderstorms at 8AM and got back on the road.  We hit Arizona the second day where it was brutally cold and snowing. Finally, 36 driving hours from Atlanta we cruised into San Francisco around 10PM on Friday.

Rolling into California

The Arizona Desert

Tommy found his dream car in the California desert.

Rolling into SF.

We will be working all week on the install for the show this upcoming Friday.  More details and photos coming soon...